Leading Newspapers Across Oregon Agree: Vote NO on Measure 92

Oregon’s most respected daily newspapers looked carefully at Measure 92 and agree that voters should reject this poorly written food labeling proposal.

Click below to read more about why newspapers from every corner of our state are urging a NO vote on Measure 92.


Measure 92: Costly and Misleading Labeling Proposal

Measure 92 on the November 2014 Oregon statewide ballot would create a complex and misleading Oregon-only food labeling system that no other state requires.

It’s poorly written labeling requirements, and arbitrary exemptions would hurt thousands of family farmers and small businesses, provide inaccurate and unreliable information for Oregon consumers about the foods we buy, and increase food prices for Oregon families, especially hurting those who can least afford it.

Get The Facts

Learn why Measure 92 would hurt thousands of Oregon family farmers and small store owners, cost Oregon taxpayers millions of dollars, increase grocery bills for Oregon families by hundreds of dollars each year – and would provide inaccurate and unreliable information to consumers about the foods we buy.


Join our coalition

A growing coalition representing thousands of Oregon farmers, small businesses, taxpayers and consumers has joined together to oppose Measure 92. You can help defeat this costly and misleading measure by joining our coalition today.

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Please help us work together to get the facts out to Oregon voters about Measure 92.